About Tanya

I’m an innovative and creative Sales and Marketing Professional with a passion for success.   

I have significant experience in Marketing, Sales and Account Management within multiple industries.

I love creating products specific for you.  Contact me with your ideas. 

I have the ability to establish and maintain excellent rapport with my clientele. My strengths include the ability to listen, multi-task and most importantly take the time to guide my clients to ensure their marketing goals are achieved through customized concepts.

The Cookie Cutter approach is not how I do business. In working with me, I will create concepts specifically for your business in order to achieve positive results.

Working with you every step of the way, checking in continuously throughout the campaign, is something that you can always except from me.

As a proud hockey and volleyball mom, multi-tasking comes naturally. When I’m not positively influencing my kids, family & friends, you can find me behind the lens of my camera trying to capture wonderful memories.

Three reminders: Be Kind, Make Today Count, Make Good Choices